Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW makeup! My best to date! Unique Eyeliner and Blush!!!

Now in .package files!!!! Can be recolored!

File name:VK20_Thejoker'slinerV1.package

File name: VK20_Heatblush.package
(only for females)

Lace mask also in .package now here!!!!


  1. Hey Vid,

    So sorry about what happened on MS3Blog. I get ripped apart there because people think I'm some Bridy G chick. I am glad some people tried to make you feel better, all I can really say is that the people who like your stuff are the only people that matter.

    - Shyne.

  2. Aw, thank you and it's fine. They didn't even phase me this time. Maybe slightly annoyed with some, but I was quite compose this time then last. The few nice comments I got and downloads were enough for me. :]


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