Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kinda in order...

Everything is order according to the tabs. The order of  some post when veiwing the whole blog it's self is off, but if you click one of the tabs it's from old to new. Hope that makes sense! >_<  I simply did sims first, clothes, then makeup. As I said just click the labels to see the correct order.

Anyway, comment for advice or just hi say if you want. :D Welcome to Vidkid20 Customs!

Update: I will add links on the side tomorrow.

NEW makeup! My best to date! Unique Eyeliner and Blush!!!

Now in .package files!!!! Can be recolored!

Lace Mask Makeup- Download *updated- Now in .package*


Yazzie, I made your shirts!

I made you a shirt and tank! You can recolor it. Wasn't sure what color green you wanted and I wanted the letters to show good.

Hope you like it! :)

Finally I made a decent pattern! Two!

If you don't mind, rec them please. I wish had all the recs from my old account though. :-/ I might upload some more stuff to my studio, but patterns for now.  

Two Cute New Tanks!

Interview With A Vampire T-Shirts (female) *Download*

*Looks better in-game.

New female polo!

Butterfly and XO hoodies!

Skull T-shirts-download!

If you have any problems tell me!

Redplumbob and Spraypaint hoodies for guys!

Sorry if the second one is bit bright. I like bright colors sometimes and I thought yellow made everything pop. All recolorable and if have any problems please tell me! ^_^

New Shirts! Mickey and a Rockstar one!

For the EA haters!


Roxy Mayhem- New Sim download!

Many thanks to Zeri for the name.

Evangeline Lilly- A celeb sim request!

-Newsea hair
*Oh my eyes from MTS
*Akiea Guinea skin

You might want change her clothes. Didn't want to use alot CC. Sometimes causes problem. Tell me how it works out and enjoy! :)

Selena Gomez- A celeb sim request

- XM sims hair
*Akiea Guinea skin
*Oh My Eyes by Tiffany at MTS

Looks better close up so click the pic!
Edit: XM hair, not Peggy! Sorry!!!

My celeb sim request thread! How can I make this easy?

First off I would like to apologise for slacking off on that thread. I had little, a few saving problems, and and was pretty much overwhelmed trying update my blog and that thread. Second I have no idea how I will get them to the simmer who requested them since I can longer post. I would ask someone to post them for me, but with date and oringal post it would be confusing and a mess. Well here is two I'm going put up to download. Juat doing CAS pics this time:
Gerard Butler

Jason Derulo
-Clothes from One Billon
-Kitty Klan facial hair

If see you Emily4331, please tell her to come to my blog as I think I finished her celeb, just wondering if she still wants him and if she want me add or take away anything. Haven't seen her in awhile.

Next is M. Shadows, who have almost done and Yoko Ono.

The thread:

Dante-New male sim!

*Aikea Guinea skin
*Oh my eyes at MTS
-Hair from TS3 store
-Earrings from Lemon Leaf

Shane- A new sim!

*Aikea Guinea skin
*Oh My Eyes by Tiffany at MTS 
*Kitty Klan Facial hair
-Akiea Guinea/ Club Club Crimsyn hair
-Astray piercing
Note: Rockstar shirt made by me!

Armand Daniels- New sim!

-Aikea Guinea/Club Crimsyn hair
-Aikea Guinea lether pants
*Aikea Guinea skin
*Oh My Eyes by Tiffany
*Kitty Klan facial hair


Kimi Kato

Updated here! 7/22/13

John Lennon- a sim request

A good forum buddy requested this on the EA forum and here he is for my blog:
-Hair from TumTum's BlueBook
*Suit from World Aventures EP
*Aikea Guinea skin
*Nighteyes from GOS
*Kitty Klan facial hair

Ah why not? Vid's evil pink spawn!

Johnny Depp finally!- Download

After many tweaks here and there I've finished him. I wish the blondish highlights showed up better in CAS and the pics. I didn't want make them too blonde either, but here it is! 
- Peggy/Savio hair
* Kitty Klan facial hair
*Aikea Guinea skin
* Nightlight eyes from Garden of Shadow
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