Friday, January 27, 2012

UPDATE: Lestat, Louis, and Claudia (Human Versions)

Slightly updated human versions of the Interview Vampire Household. Since it's been confirmed that the older vampire version of the vampire household no longer works even when re-uploaded, I have uploaded all of the CAS friendly human versions. I also took time to tweak some features. Louis' eye color and Claudia skin color.

CC list:
-Lestat's hair from Newsea (donation hair, but it can be found else where)
-Louis' Hair from Newsea (can be found else where also)
-Claudia's hair from Missbonbon
-Clothes found in ts3 Store

*Recommeded to turn Claudia into child vamp: SimTransfomer and the Master Controller*

Tip to Turn Louis and Lestat into instant vamps, have a vampire bite them. Shift+Ctrl click on the fang like moodlet and they will be vamps. Only works for YA and adult vampires of course.

When I figure why this household doesn't install for folks, I will reupload them as vamps. For now you have to turn them on your own. :/


  1. I know this download is a bit old, but I was wondering if you could help me because no matter how hard I try, searching both google and Peggy's site up and down, I cannot find the hair you used for your Lestat sim! Help? xD Thanks!


      I think it's this. They look similar.

  2. Louis hair is newsea too. My mistake.

  3. Both of those 100 percent right. I had Lestat hair wrong. No wonder you couldn't find it. Sorry. >_<


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