Saturday, October 4, 2014

Seeing double? The Wright twins: Alan and Alex

Two for the price of one. :P
Alan is on the left with long hair. Alex is on the right with short hair. They are basically the same sim styled differently, but identical twins are identical and they do have different traits. Anyway, I really enjoyed modeling with these two and I'm planning on using them more in my own game. As for their last names, I changed it to Wright. It was originally Carter for the Seeing Double comp I used them for, but I like Wright better and it's a nice little nod to one of my favorite games. If they had a lawyer career in the game, I believe Alan would be one. ;) Also I like to think Alan is the oldest.

A fun pic for fun. I miss modeling with these two. :)

Their actual outfits:

Cc used:

-Both Sims3pack & package files are available in zip file-

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