Thursday, November 3, 2016

VK20 Blood Wall Writing (A Simblreen gift)

Here’s some creepy wall writings! I made them for Halloween on tumblr, but I'll just place these here for safe keeping. :)

What you’re getting:

-4 bloody wall writings saying “Help” “Redrum” (murder backwards), “Beware,” “You’re gonna die”.

-All recolorable and tested as seen above.

-They only cost Onnnne simoleon for your simmies and are under paintings/posters (duh)!

Inspiration: Horror, creepy things, and The Shinning. Redrum!!!

Credits: None of this would be possible with @aikea-guinea, because I followedher tutorial and used her wall scribbles. She can kill me later if she wants. >_<

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