Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Pretty Pin-ups Pose Pack (Say that 3 times fast!)

Code: a_vidkid_prettypinups1 (to 7)

*Pose List included*

I just finished hosting a pin-up theme modeling comp on the officials and I notice the lack of pin-up poses laying around. Plus it was good practice for me. I learned a lot about joints and fingers. Those darn joints and fingers. >_>

Only issue you may run into is the knees in pose 1 and maybe an elbow on one, but it’s really minor. Also you won’t need the omsp, but only if you want to put her in a normal chair for the stool pose.

If you’re wondering what the 6th pose is, it’s just a fun experimental pose that might look great with flowing hair hanging down. I had edit a pic to show it off, but it wasn’t very good. If only I could draw hair.

Anyway, hope you like these. Feel free to comment if you run into a problem or want to give me some feedback. Enjoy. :)


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