Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Be Afraid! A new Pose Pack is here!


This pose pack consist of 4 single poses and a couple pose. The last pose can be used alone if you want to edit a monster in instead.

Inspiration: The first pose was made for this photo here and the last pose was made for this photo here. So I decided to make a pose pack around them since I’m emptying my vault. lol Plus we need more scary poses like this for stories. Anywhoo, my other inspiration was the Friday 13th movies and just the horror genre in general.

Known Issues: ?????? lol None that I know of anyway. If there is one, plz let me know. I believe I’m getting better at these tho. *pats self on back*

Other info:
-It has a pose list.

-The knife I used for Pose 1 is here. You can use the one with the blade upward (front) or downward (back), but it’s gotta be the left hand one.

-The couple/dragging pose doesn’t snap together, but it’s easy to place. Easier than my last couple one.

I think’s that’s it. Enjoy and sweet dreams! Bwhahaha!

Pose Codes:
a_vidkid_afraid4a & 4b

☠ SimFileShare ☠
☠ 4shared ☠

P.S. I will be moving all mediafire content to SimfileShare since mediafire isn’t safe anymore. <3

Also please feel free to edit any of my poses, but do not claim as your own or upload these to any site. I’ll be making TOU soon for that. ^_^

Disclaimer: No sims were hurt in the making of this pose pack. I prefer fiery deaths anyway. :P

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